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Celebrate Living History

Hi my name is Bev Wilkinson and I am organising a DVD series and website showcasing the yarns of seniors. 

Well it all started by organising an exhibition celebrating the history of Frankston locals, I wanted to do something a little bit different.

So I dusted off my video camera and started interviewing seniors.

What I discovered was a need to cherish their memories.

They told me about first love, dances at the Mechanics Institute and the coal mine at Olivers Hill.

Suddenly I had a light bulb moment…. There should be a website celebrating their stories because maybe one day these people will pass but they would have provided an online legacy for their friends and family to see what it was like living in an community.

No I’m not the grim reaper…. But it’s a sad reality all these great stories if not documented would be lost.

Just have a gander at my blog and you can see the amazing stories I have gathered so far.

My dream is to aim big! I want to establish a professional website celebrating these stories not only in Australia but world -wide.

I want to cherish stories of other communities within Victoria and Australia because everyone has a yarn to share!." 

This store will showcase some of the items up for grabs in the Celebrate Living History campaign on Pozible